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Transparent fees. Just 5% per transaction

CardBilling provides a simple solution to accept credit cards for your website with an all-inclusive Transaction Rate of just 5%. To start accepting credit cards you need to be registered with VISA and MasterCard. We help you with this easy process. CardBilling charges a one-time setup fee of US$ 500.00 and an annual registration fee of US$ 500.00.

With CardBilling you set up your services or subscriptions in your default currency. CardBilling collects the money from your customers and sends you a weekly payment. CardBilling is powered by Verotel - Verotel is a regulated Electronic Money Institution with the Dutch Central Bank in the Netherlands and never missed a payment.

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There are no hidden fees in CardBilling's pricing model. There are no transaction fees, statement fees or decline fees.

For example, for a US$ 20.00 we only charge 5% (US$ 1.00) as an all-inclusive Transaction Rate.

You can process any transaction from US 1.95 to US$ 500.00.

A 5% holdback reserve applies to all accounts for a period of 26 weeks.


A chargeback fee is a fee initiated by the bank of a cardholder disputing a transaction. CardBilling charges a US$ 45.00 fee for each chargeback added to your account. Thanks to our latest anti-fraud technology CardBilling tries to limit the number of chargebacks as much as possible.

Because recurring transactions invoke more risk to our banking partners recurring transactions are charged with a 1.5% surcharge. Please note that this surcharge is not applied to the first transaction of a recurring billing subscription.